11 Cool & Interesting Railroad Museums in Texas

Did you know that there are several amazing railroad museums in Texas? At these Texas Railroad museums, rail enthusiasts can experience vintage train rides, see model railroads, as well as see an amazing collection of railroad memorabilia.

Galveston Railroad Museum

Galveston Railroad Museum, located on Galveston Island, is one of our favorite railroad museums near Houston. This is a large Railroad Museum and has an amazing collection of restored locomotives. The museum also has several exhibits about the Texas railroad industry and railroad history.

Museum of the American Railroad

The Museum of the American railroad is located in Frisco, Texas. The museum was originally located in Dallas Fair Park but has moved to Frisco to allow room for expansion. The non profit organization is an excellent place to learn about railroads in the country and understand their impact on American life.

Texas Transportation Museum

Texas transportation museum is located in San Antonio and is a must for rail lovers. The museum also has model railroads, vintage artifacts, locomotives, and train rides. Visitors can see restored Pullman cars, cabooses, as well as antique cars on display.

Texas State Railroad

The Texas State Railroad is located in Palestine, Texas about an hour outside of Dallas. It is one of the most popular things to do in East Texas. Visitors can see vintage photos, artifacts, memorabilia as well as purchase toy trains and souvenirs in the depots.

Grapevine Vintage Railroad

Grapevine Vintage Railroad train rides always feel similar to visits to an open-air Railroad Museum! At Fort Worth Stockyards, visitors can see the historic buildings, cattle drives, western saloons, and be immersed in Fort Worth history before taking the train back to Grapevine.

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