Ultimate Guide to Colorado Bend State Park, Texas

Colorado Bend State Park is one of Central Texas’s most popular destinations. This is one of our favorite Texas state parks. Located on the banks of the Colorado River in the Hill Country, the park is an oasis of natural beauty.

Things to do in Colorado Bend State Park

Colorado Bend is the ultimate scenic destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park is more than 5,300 acres large. It offers many activities and adventures, including the natural cave tours, water sports, hiking/biking trails, and excellent birding.

Hike to the famous Gorman Falls

The highlight at Colorado Bend State Park is the beautiful Gorman Falls. The stunning 70 foot tall waterfall is the tallest in Texas. Gorman Springs Creek falls over the striking limestone travertine rock formations on the western bank of the river to create this amazing waterfall.

Go for a swim at Spicewood Springs

Spicewood Springs Trail is one of the most scenic trails at Colorado Bend State Park. It is rated as moderate and is 3 miles long. The trail starts near the park’s visitor center and ends at a series of six small natural springs fed swimming holes at Spicewood Spring.

Explore the Colorado River Wilderness along the River Trail

The geology of Colorado Bend park in Texas is intriguing. The park features towering limestone travertine cliffs, deep canyons, and otherworldly rock formations formed by the erosion carried out by the Colorado River. Inside the park, you will find some of the most spectacular examples of exposed geology in Texas.

Go on a Wild Cave Tour

The caves are open to the public on guided tours by reservations only. There are a couple of different tours based on difficulty level. All will take you deep into these underground wonders and reveal a spectacular world of stalactites and stalagmites.

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