11 Interesting things to do in Deep Ellum, Dallas

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Looking for the best things to do in Deep Ellum, Dallas?

Deep Ellum is one of Dallas’ most lively and popular neighborhoods.

It is also known as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the  big city.

Located in Downtown Dallas, Deep Ellum is famous for its eateries, nightlife, street art, and entertainment.

It is a must visit attraction while visiting the Big D!

Here is the ultimate guide to visiting Deep Ellum, Dallas including things to do, restaurants, and nightlife.

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The Deep Ellum neighborhood is the historic center of music in Dallas and a major tourist destination
The Deep Ellum neighborhood is the historic center of music in Dallas and a major tourist destination

Deep Ellum History

Today’s Deep Ellum is a thriving and vibrant place. It is the live music capital of North Texas.

But the neighborhood wasn’t always like that.

Fun fact: Deep Ellum is also known as Deep Elm!

The neighborhood of Deep Ellum has a rich and colorful history.

It was originally settled by freed slaves post Civil War around Elm Street and soon became a hub for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

It also became popular for its blues and jazz music.

Various concerts and events by popular artists took place here in the 1930s.

Artists like Lemon Henry Jefferson aka Blind Lemon Jefferson, Bessie Smith, and others regularly performed here.

However, the Great Depression adversely impacted the neighborhood and it went into a decline.

Towards the end of the twentieth century, the neighborhood underwent gentrification.

Revived interest in music and arts evolved Deep Ellum into the neighborhood that it is today – bustling with culture, arts, music, and events!

Many of the murals, artwork, events and growth efforts are organized and managed by the Deep Ellum Foundation.

Cool and Awesome Things to do in Deep Ellum, Dallas

Deep Ellum has a unique personality. It is hip, bohemian, artistic, and innovative.

In some ways it resembles Bishop Arts District with its beautiful murals, popular eateries, and events.

But there the similarity ends.

Bishops Arts District is chic and dapper; Deep Ellum is edgy and daring!

Fun fact: In the 1930s, Deep Ellum was even home to the Ford Model T Assembly Plant!

There are several things to do in Deep Ellum, Dallas from art galleries and live music concerts to bookstores and ice pops!

Deep Ellum’s many attractions are located in close proximity to each other, making it one of the most walkable neighborhoods in Dallas.

Here are some of our favorite attractions in the area.

Stroll the streets of Deep Ellum

The streets of Deep Ellum are filled with old brick buildings, beautiful street art, quirky stores, hip restaurants, and legendary bars.

One of the best ways to explore everything that this neighborhood has to offer is on foot.

Get a tattoo. Discover a secret restaurant or a Speakeasy bar. Shop for vinyl records. Buy home decor.

The options are endless!

Hunt for the murals in Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum’s murals are some of the best in Texas!

On a visit, you will find the area streets and alleyways, walls, doors, and even windows sporting stunning street art.

Some of the famous murals include the Welcome to Dallas mural,

See The Traveling Man sculpture

Besides murals, Deep Ellum is also home to amazing public artwork.

One of our favorite sculptures in the area is the Traveling Man.

This is actually a series of three stainless steel sculptures and has a unique and interesting story.

The photo of the Dallas skyline behind the sculpture is also a great shot of the city.

Attend the Deep Ellum Arts Festival

One of the best times to visit Deep Ellum is during the Arts Festival.

This annual event draws several visitors and features music bands, art walks, and more.

It is the perfect opportunity to explore the neighborhood’s world-class art galleries, local businesses, and enjoy its lively atmosphere.

Enjoy live music in Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum is also known as the live music capital of Dallas.

The neighborhood is home to several excellent music venues and restaurants that feature live performances by local musicians.

The neighborhood is popular for celebrating birthdays, Bachelor or Bachelorette parties and other special occasions among the younger crowd.

Try the BBQ at Pecan Lodge

The famous Pecan Lodge specializes in slow smoked, Texas style BBQ.

It is one of the best places to enjoy some delicious barbecue in Deep Ellum.

They offer meats like brisket, pork ribs, sausage links, and pulled pork with sides like coleslaw, sweet potato casserole, pinto beans salad etc.

See a show at Dallas Comedy House

Dallas Comedy House, located in Deep Ellum, has become a staple in the Dallas comedy scene.

And it is also one of the few alternative venues for stand up comedy in the city!

The Deep Ellum venue hosts local, national, and international improv comedians every week.

Enjoy the culinary scene in Deep Ellum

Besides Pecan Lodge, the area is home to several renowned restaurants in Dallas.

Some of our favorites include Revolver Taco Lounge, Cane Rosso Pizzeria, and Twisted Root Burgers.

Revel in the legendary nightlife

Deep Ellum’s nightlife is the best in Texas. Yes, even better than Rainey Street in Austin or Fort Worth Stockyards!

The district is home to several rooftop bars, pubs, and dance clubs.

Grab a cold beer or two, order old-fashioned cocktails, or try unique craft cocktails to enjoy the neighborhood party scene.

Participate in the Tattoo Marathon!

Elm Street Tattoo in Deep Ellum is a great place to get intricate and unique tattoos.

Usually they can range in hundreds but every Friday the 13th you can get a tattoo here for mere $13!

The event starts at midnight and draws long queues – so be sure to reach early for your turn.

Visit Deep Ellum Brewing Company

Deep Ellum Brewing Co is one of our favorite breweries in North Texas.

They have a variety of eclectic brews and a fun atmosphere.

The outdoor patio and live music make this a hit with locals.

One of our favorites is their Dallas blonde, a refreshing Citrus ale. The iconic Deep Ellum IPA is also worth a visit.

The brewery is family friendly; pets are also allowed.

Where to stay in Deep Ellum?

There are plenty of hotels near Deep Ellum that are perfect to explore the area.

Deep Ellum Hostel or Pittman Hotel are located within the neighborhood and a short walk away from the popular nightclubs.

The neighborhood is also a short distance away from most of the hotels in downtown Dallas.

Deep Ellum’s variety of diverse, eclectic, and unique attractions make it one of the hot spots to visit in Downtown Dallas.

We hope you liked our ultimate guide to Deep Ellum, Dallas.

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