About Enchanting Texas

Enchanting Texas is a Texas Travel Blog by Ketki – that’s me! I moved to Houston in 2014 and have been exploring Texas ever since. I travel around Texas with my husband and two kids. Our aim is to explore literally ‘everything’ in Texas.

I am especially partial to hitting the Backroads of Texas and exploring overlooked gems such as fairytale courthouses, colorful murals, and of course – the quintessential BB joint. 

Since living in Texas, I have personally visited over 1000 different attractions including wine stomping festivals, art exhibitions, holiday lights as well as historical sights and state parks.

Enchanting Texas features articles about planning your next Texas road trip, suggested itineraries to different regions of the state, city guides and outdoor attractions, as well as information on the best time to visit Texas, accommodation guides, and more fun guides. 

Our aim is to provide you with the best information to visit the Lone Star State and ensure that you have a great time in Texas.

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More About Us – The Who, How and Why!

Ketki founded Enchanting Texas to share her love for everything Texas.

Since its inception, Enchanting Texas has grown to become the largest travel blog in the state, receiving over 100,000 pageviews per month. The website also enjoys a loyal following on various social media sites. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of Enchanting Texas.

Who is ‘The Family’?

Enchanting Texas, while being a Texas Travel Blog, also embodies the spirit of a family travel blog. Our family consists of me, my husband, and our two kids — both born and bred Texans!

Our children, true little explorers, often lead the way in our adventures, uncovering hidden gems and sharing them with infectious enthusiasm. Each post narrates tales of exploring mesmerizing landscapes, savoring local delicacies, and immersing ourselves in diverse cultures – all penned with a dash of Texan pride.

How do we…

How do we create our guides? Do we actually visit the places we write about? How do we afford to travel so much? How do we plan our trips? Can we plan your trips? How do we ensure we are the best at covering Texas?

Our readers often have myriad questions regarding our Texan adventures, and we’re thrilled to share! 

Crafting our guides comes from a decade of traversing the vast, dynamic landscapes of Texas, from the panhandle plains to the sultry south. Each spot visited, each local dish savored, as well as each cultural experience is etched into our memories and meticulously documented in our articles. 

Affording our travels hinges on strategic budgeting, partnering with local businesses and tourism boards, as well as embracing cost-effective yet enriching experiences. Our trip planning is a blend of thorough research and embracing spontaneity, thus ensuring we immerse ourselves fully yet always leave room for unexpected discoveries. 

Our authority? Well, that’s embedded in the countless sunsets witnessed, the myriad of Texans we’ve conversed with, and the boundless terrains explored, all of which have steadily sculpted our expertise over these memorable 10 years.

And the ever-interesting ‘Why’?

Why do we do what we do? Why do we take so much effort that goes behind creating a website like this and what do we hope to attain?

The impetus of our wanderlust stems from an authentic love for the sprawling landscapes and rich cultures embedded within the heart of Texas. Each location, from sleepy towns to bustling cities, unravels a unique story that we’ve personally witnessed, felt, and lived over a span of a decade. 

Our blog, a digital tapestry of our adventures, serves not just as a platform to share reviews, forged from firsthand encounters and genuine interactions, but also as a chronicle of a family ever-entwined with the Texan spirit. 

Our aim? To weave a network of stories that inspire travel, connect communities, and also perpetuate the boundless beauty and intricate tales Texas unfailingly offers. It’s in the echoes of our children’s laughter across the valleys, the shared meals with locals, and the miles tread upon our trusted van that our authority and passion are persistently renewed. 

Enchanting Texas isn’t merely a travel blog; it’s also a vessel carrying the essence of Texas, delivered through the lens of a family ceaselessly enchanted by it.

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