Ahoy, Matey! Family Adventure at Pirates’ Landing, Port Isabel

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Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel is a fun family destination for those visiting this corner of South Texas. It can be easily seen straight across from the historic Port Isabel Light and combines fun maritime adventures with delicious food.

This waterfront attraction is more than just a restaurant; it’s an experience that blends the rich history of Port Isabel with the savory flavors of Texas cuisine. 

Pirate's Landing at Port Isabel, Texas
Pirate’s Landing at Port Isabel, Texas

Pirate’s Landing pays homage to the swashbuckling pirates who once roamed these very waters. Its nautical décor, complete with weathered wood, ship’s wheels, and maritime artifacts, transports guests back to the golden age of piracy off the Texas Coast. As you step onto Pirate’s Landing, you embark on a voyage through time, immersed in the tales of legendary pirates who sought refuge in these waters.

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Where is Pirate’s Landing located?

Pirate’s Landing enjoys an enviable location on the original “Point” on the Laguna Madre Bay. Its location in Lighthouse Square ensures that it is easily seen by those visiting the lighthouse. The attraction can also be easily spotted from Queen Isabella Causeway. The landing is lit up at night and looks pretty spectacular.  

Pirates Landing at Port Isabel is a fun destination for the entire family
Pirates Landing at Port Isabel is a fun destination for the entire family

Best Things to do in Pirate’s Landing, Port Isabel

When you visit Pirate’s Landing on your Port Isabel South Padre Island trip, you will be amazed to discover all the attractions at Pirate’s Landing. There are many awesome things to do at the attraction and kids especially love this place. In fact, getting them to leave Pirate’s Landing is really difficult. Here are the Pirate’s Landings attractions for families. 

Wear a pirate hat and dine on seafood at Pirate’s Landing Restaurant

Pirate’s Landing Restaurant is the #1 reason most people come here. Our kids love to eat here amidst all the pirate themed decor. Kids also wear paper pirate hats and enjoy pirate themed activity sheets while you order the food. You will also find a lot of interesting and cool pirate photo ops inside the restaurant.

Kids can wear pirate hats and steer a pirate ship in the Port Isabel restaurant
Kids can wear pirate hats and steer a pirate ship in the Port Isabel restaurant

While the theme sets the stage, it’s the cuisine that truly steals the show. Their menu is really vast and almost everything you order is delicious! Their seafood dishes are really fresh; I especially love to go with the server recommendations for catch of the day. They also bring out complimentary hot sweet rolls which are a hit with our crew. We have tried their fish tacos, blackened salmon, ceviches, and mango mahi mahi and simply loved them. 

Savor the flavors of freshly caught Gulf shrimp, succulent crab, and perfectly grilled fish, while you sip on delicious beeritas and other drinks. Grab a table on their patio overlooking the sea to enjoy the awesome views. You can check out their entire menu here.

Seafood tacos at Pirate's Landing in Port Isabel
Seafood tacos at Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel

Best Part? They open at 7 am for breakfast and the seating area is so large that there’s almost never a wait time. That means you never have to stay hungry in Port Isabel!

See the talking parrots

Just outside the entrance to Pirate’s Landing restaurant, you can see a pair of talking parrots in their exhibit. Be inspired by Long John Silver and Captain Flint (a Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island reference) and try talking to them. If you say ‘hello’, the birds will parrot it back to you! During no rush times, they even let you hold the parrots. The colorful creatures make kids super happy and can even perform a variety of tricks.

Meet the talking parrots at Pirate's Landing in Port Isabel TX
Meet the talking parrots at Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel TX

Meet the pirates and take a photo with them

After dining at Pirate’s Landing, be sure to walk the pirate themed grounds and check out the life-sized pirate statues that are literally everywhere around you. Our kids loved seeing them and taking photographs with the pirates. Along with pirates, you can also spot cannons, ropes, pulleys, and other pirate themed attractions.

Kids have fun spotting the pirate statues at Pirate's Landing fishing pier
Kids have fun spotting the pirate statues at Pirate’s Landing fishing pier

Fish from Pirate’s Landing Fishing Pier… or just take a walk!

Pirate’s Landing Fishing Pier is the longest pier in Texas. The waters here are abundant with marine life, making the pier an excellent place for fishing. There is a tackle and bait shop on site and you can rent fishing rods and all types of live and frozen bait including shrimp, squid, and mullet. You can catch trout, redfish, black drum, and other fish. The pier has plenty of shaded areas and cleaning stations.

Pirate's Landing fishing pier in Port Isabel, TX is the largest fishing pier in Texas
Pirate’s Landing fishing pier in Port Isabel, TX is the largest fishing pier in Texas

Even if you don’t fish, go for a walk on the pier and enjoy the ocean breeze. You can enjoy views of the Queen Isabella causeway, Laguna Madre, and even South Padre Island. In fact, this is the best place to spot fireworks on the island. Our kids like to run and play on the pier; you can also observe people fishing and see what they catch.

Look out towards the water and you’ll be surprised to spot sea turtles, sting rays, and pods of dolphins leaping in the water. You can also watch a lot of sea birds including pelicans swooping down low to catch fish. You can also watch boats from the pier. The views from the pier at sunset are especially stunning. 

Enjoy fishing from Pirate's Pier in Port Isabel
Enjoy fishing from Pirate’s Pier in Port Isabel

You need to pay a fee to fish from the pier but the amenities like restrooms and snack bar make it worth your while.

Go fishing with a Bay Fishing Charter

Port Isabel is an angler’s paradise and you can make the most of it by booking your own bay fishing charter at Pirate’s Landing. Laguna Madre Bay is abundant with fish species like speckled trout, redfish, flounder, and black drum. Its calm waters and intricate network of channels make it an ideal location for bay fishing adventures.

Pirate’s Landing can hook you up with several knowledgeable fishing guides who can take you to the best fishing spots and provide expert guidance. Half-day or full-day excursions are available, allowing you to tailor your adventure to your schedule.

You will find plenty of photo ops on Pirate's Landing, Port Isabel
You will find plenty of photo ops on Pirate’s Landing, Port Isabel

As you cast your line, you’ll be surrounded by the stunning scenery of the bay, with its calm waters reflecting the vibrant Texas sky. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins, graceful sea birds, and the occasional sea turtle, all of which contribute to the magic of the experience. Bay fishing charters in Port Isabel are perfect for family outings. 

Take a cruise on the Black Dragon Pirate Ship

Ahoy, matey! If you haven’t had your fill of pirates yet and would love to go on a swashbuckling adventure, then consider a fun adventure cruise on the Black Dragon Pirate Ship. This cruise will immerse you into the world of pirates, shootouts, thrilling tales, hidden treasure, and interactive entertainment – all along with breathtaking views of the Laguna Madre Bay!

Black Dragon Cruise ship in Port Isabel
Black Dragon Cruise ship in Port Isabel

Step aboard the Black Dragon, a pirate ship that seems straight out of Treasure Island. The ship’s impressive design, with its towering masts, billowing sails, and menacing black hull, immediately transports visitors to a time when pirates ruled the high seas.

From the moment you embark on the ship, you’ll be greeted by a crew of spirited and entertaining pirate actors who bring the cruise to life. They regale you with tales of pirate lore, engage in lively banter, act out sword duels and gunfights, and even invite kids to participate in the fun. Little ones can learn pirate lingo, participate in tricks, or mock fire the ship’s cannons.

Learn about the legend of Pirate's Landing in Port Isabel, Texas
Learn about the legend of Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel, Texas

The cruises are fun for all ages and a perfect family friendly activity in Port Isabel. While kids enjoy the riot, you can buy drinks in the adults only section on top of the ship and enjoy gorgeous sunset views. The cruise lasts for about 2 to 3 hours and is totally worth the price. 

Try the Cajun fried food at Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Hungry after your cruise? Looking for a snack rather than a sit-down meal at Pirate’s Landing? Visit Krispy Krunchy Chicken. This eatery is located at Pirate’s Landing Black Jack, adjacent to the Tackle & Bait Shop. 

They have really good fast food. The juicy chicken strips are fried Cajun style with mouthwatering spices. The fried fish and shrimp is equally good and fresh. The sides are equally delicious. We really love their honey butter biscuits.  

Enjoy the amazing views at Port Isabel fishing pier
Enjoy the amazing views at Port Isabel fishing pier

Eat ice cream at Davey Jones ice cream locker

A last essential stop in Pirate’s Landing is Davy Jones Ice Cream Locker. This small charming ice cream store is located right across the Port Isabel Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage. The store has a great selection of ice cream flavors such as the usual chocolate or vanilla or the unique Birthday Cake ice cream. 

The ice cream scoops are pretty big and taste amazing on a hot summer day in Port Isabel. You can also order shakes made from the ice creams as well as shaved ice in multiple flavors. The treat shop also has fresh homemade fudge and salt water taffy. When you’re done with the cold treats, check out the Davey Jones themed murals on the outside of the shop. 

Enjoy the ice cream at Davey Jone's ice cream locker in Port Isabel Pirate's Landing
Enjoy the ice cream at Davey Jone’s ice cream locker in Port Isabel Pirate’s Landing

After visiting Pirate’s Landing in Port Isabel, be sure to tour the Port Isabel Light – if you haven’t already. Other attractions in Port Isabel including the museums, swinging bridge, and the giant tacos at Isabella’s or Manuel’s are also must do’s. Finally drive across the causeway to South Padre Island and enjoy the beach life on our favorite beach in Texas!

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