17 Best Things to do in Laredo, Texas

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Visiting Laredo, Texas? It is one of our favorite border towns in the Lone Star State.

It is located in the lower Rio Grande valley and has several decades of Spanish and Mexican influences – which can be seen in the architecture and culture.

Laredo is also popular for its cuisine, shopping and outdoor activities.

Here is an ultimate guide to Laredo, Texas.

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Laredo Texas street scenes
Laredo Texas street scenes

Things to do in Laredo, TX

Laredo is a must for the cultural traveler.

On a visit, you can enjoy its rich heritage, take a stroll on cobblestone streets, understand Laredo’s history, and browse cozy little shops.

Here are our favorite things to do in Laredo, Texas.

Take a stroll in downtown Laredo

Laredo’s San Augustin Historic District is located in downtown Laredo.

This is a beautiful area with historic buildings, stunning architecture, and interesting attractions.

One of the highlights is Zaragoza Street, which is the city’s Main Street.

Be sure to check out iconic buildings such as La Posada hotel, Republic of the Rio Grande Capitol building, Laredo Center for the Arts building, and the Cathedral.

The San Augustin Plaza is also very beautiful and great for a quick stop.

See the exhibits at the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum

A must for history lovers!

The Republic of the Rio Grande Museum is a great place to visit to learn more about Laredo’s past.

It features various artifacts, photographs, documents and exhibits related to the city’s history and heritage.

You can also watch educational videos that present the unique history of this area.

Visit the Border Heritage Museum

The Villa Antigua Border Heritage Museum is an awesome tourist attraction that showcases the culture, lifestyle and history of the border region.

It is located in a historic building – an old Italian style building from 1913.

The museum offers both permanent and temporary exhibits that highlight several aspects of life along the Rio Grande Valley.

The museum is managed by the Webb County Heritage Foundation.

Go star gazing at the Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium

The Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium is an amazing place to visit in Laredo, Texas.

It has a spectacular digital projection system and seats that recline so you can look up at the night sky.

They offer star gazing shows, special events and educational programs.

The planetarium is located on the grounds of the Texas A & M International University (TAMIU).

Marvel at the beautiful San Agustin Cathedral

The San Agustin Cathedral is one of the most beautiful churches in Texas.

It was completed in 1795 and its architecture is a mix of Spanish, Moorish, and Baroque styles.

The interior features exquisite painted murals that depict various biblical scenes as well as ornate altars.

Checkout Historic Fort McIntosh

Fort McIntosh, located on the downtown Laredo Community College Campus, is a must for history lovers.

It was built in 1848 and served as an important military post during the Mexican-American War.

Today, it is a popular tourist attraction that hosts events such as reenactments and educational programs.

Visitors can explore the grounds and tour some of the buildings including the quartermaster’s building, hospital and barracks.

Buy local produce at the El Centro de Laredo Farmers Market

The El Centro de Laredo Farmers Market is a great place to buy fresh, local produce.

It takes place every Saturday during the summer months and features several vendors selling items such as fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, honey and homemade baking goods.

The market also has live music and offers educational programs related to local farming and gardening.

It’s a great way to get to know the local culture and meet some friendly people.

Take the kids to the Imaginarium of South Texas

The Imaginarium, or the famous Laredo Children’s Museum, is a must visit for families.

It is a fun, interactive and educational place where kids can learn about science and nature through hands-on activities, experiments and games.

The museum features exhibits related to the environment, technology, health, space exploration and more.

It also has a mini theater where visitors can enjoy movies and shows.

Shop for cool things at Mall Del Norte

Mall Del Norte is a large sprawling shopping center in Laredo, Texas.

It has several popular brands, stores, and restaurants that offer everything from clothing to electronics.

The mall also features a food court and an entertainment center with arcade games, laser tag, bowling alley and more.

Browse the curiosities at Basket and Pottery Alley

Basket and Pottery Alley is a small local shop selling handmade items such as baskets, jewelry and pottery imported from Mexico.

The alley is located in downtown Laredo.

It is an awesome place to find unique souvenirs or just browse the amazing selection of items that they have to offer.

Plan a date night at Laredo Rooftop Lounge

Laredo Rooftop Lounge is a great spot for an evening out.

They offer craft cocktails, an extensive beer list and delicious small plates.

Their rooftop patio also offers stunning views of the Rio Grande Valley and downtown Laredo.

It’s a perfect place to unwind with friends or plan a romantic date night.

Try your hand at shooting at the Arena Gun Club

The Arena Gun Club is another great spot for a fun night out.

They offer several shooting lanes and the latest firearms technology.

If you want to take it to the next level, they also have several different competitions where you can test your skills and show off your marksmanship.

Watch a baseball game at the Uni Trade Stadium

The Uni Trade Stadium is a popular baseball stadium.

It is a great place for sports fans who want to experience the excitement of a game in person.

The stadium also hosts live music concerts and other special events.

See the beautiful Casa Ortiz, Laredo

Casa Ortiz is the one of the most magnificent and historic buildings in Laredo.

It was built in 1829 and still stands today as a reminder of the city’s unique history.

The home features gorgeous Spanish colonial style of architecture, original tile floors, ornate carved furniture and colorful wall paintings.

Visitors can take tours of the home and learn about its fascinating history.

Enjoy a fun day at the lovely Altitude Trampoline Park

Altitude, the locally famous trampoline park, is a hit with families.

They offer a wide range of activities such as dodgeball, foam pits and basketball courts.

It is an awesome spot to let off some steam with friends or spend a fun day with the family.

Urban Air Trampoline Park is another popular spot to take the kids.

Spend time outdoors at Lake Casa Blanca International State Park

Lake Casa Blanca International State Park is one of the most beautiful and serene places in Laredo.

The park features lush greenery, picturesque trails and a large lake with plenty of opportunities for fishing, boating and canoeing.

It’s also home to numerous species of birds such as egrets, herons and grebes.

Go fishing on Lake Casa Blanca

Lake Casa Blanca is a popular spot for anglers and bird watchers.

The lake offers several species of fish including bass, catfish, and crappie.

Laredo is a beautiful border city located in South Texas.

Visitors will find themselves immersed in a vibrant culture, with wonderful food and plenty of fun things to do.

Its location on the banks of the Rio Grande River also make it popular for nature lovers and birders.

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What are your favorite things to do in Laredo, Texas? Let us know below.

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