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10 Best German Towns in Texas to Visit Now

Looking for the most charming and quaint German towns in Texas to visit this summer?

Look no further than the Texas Hill Country!

A large portion of Central Texas was settled by German settlers in the mid 19th century.

These German Texans immigrated to the newly formed Republic of Texas and established German settlements.

Vereins Kirche in Fredericksburg, Texas
Vereins Kirche in Fredericksburg, Texas

The Society for the Protection of German immigrants in Texas was formed to secure land grants and bring German settlers to The Republic.

These settlements retained their rich German heritage, culture, and traditional customs which give the Texas German towns their unique identity.

Today, these small towns are popular with tourists as well as locals for the rich history and unique attractions.

They make excellent weekend getaways in Texas and should definitely be on your bucket list.

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Best German Towns in Texas

The first German settlers in Texas acquired land between the Colorado and Llano rivers resulting in a number of German settlements in the Hill Country.

Here are some of the best Hill Country towns to visit for their Texas German heritage.


Fredericksburg, Texas was one of the first German towns in Texas.

It was settled by German pioneers in the 1850s.

Today, you can learn about the German Heritage of the city as well as see several buildings on the National Register of Historic Places at the Pioneer Museum.

The Pioneer Museum is managed by the Gillespie County Historical Society and is one of the best cultural museums in Texas.

Fredericksburg also has many other attractions and is one of the best places to visit in Texas.

The Vereins Kirche Museum, located in Marktplatz, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the city.

Another must-visit attraction is the National Museum of Pacific War.

This is one of the best military museums in America and has exhibits as well as reenactments narrating the US role in World War II.

You’ll also find traditional architecture, restaurants serving traditional German dishes, numerous wineries and breweries, as well as art galleries and boutique stores on the charming Main Street.

The city’s German heritage is evident in its annual Oktoberfest celebration as well as during the holiday season.

The Town Square is home to an enormous traditional German pyramid during the holiday season, making Fredericksburg one of the best Christmas towns in Texas.

Christmas in Fredericksburg is simply an amazing event!

The surrounding natural attractions also make the town perfect for outdoor enthusiasts.

Hike at Enchanted Rock, scout for bluebonnets on Willow City Loop in spring, go for a swim and hike to waterfalls during your visit.

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Public library in Fredericksburg has stunning limestone facade
Public library in Fredericksburg has stunning limestone facade

New Braunfels

New Braunfels is one of the most charming towns founded by German immigrants in the Lone Star State.

The lovely town was established by German Prince Carl of Solms-Braunfels on the banks of Comal Creek.

The city was named after Braunfels in Germany and largely retains its German heritage.

It has traditional architecture on Main Street, restaurants serving German food, and authentic traditions.

In the 19th century, it even had a German language newspaper.

The Sophienburg Museum in New Braunfels is the best place to understand the city’s German history.

Other popular things to do in New Braunfels include the Schlitterbahn Water Park Resort, tubing on the Comal and Guadalupe River, and the Railroad Museum.

The annual festival of Wurstfest is a great time to visit the city.

You can enjoy authentic German food such as bratwursts, potato salad, apple strudel, and more at the festival.

Listen to live polka music, dance, and have a cold beer!

New Braunfels makes an excellent day trip from San Antonio as well as from the college town of San Marcos.

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Oldest dance hall in Texas in Historic Gruene
Oldest dance hall in Texas in Historic Gruene


Historic Gruene, located close to New Braunfels, is also established by German immigrants.

The entire town is preserved as Gruene historic district and is home to several historical landmarks.

Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in Texas and has hosted country music legends like Willie Nelson, George Strait, and Lyle Lovett.

There are also several antique shops in Gruene selling old-fashioned items for home decorating.


Brenham, also founded by German settlers, is the perfect day trip from Houston.

It is famous for its bluebonnets and makes the perfect base to explore the Texas Hill Country in the bluebonnet season.

Another attraction in Brenham is the Blue Bell Creamery.

The city’s Main Street is also perfect for a quick stroll.

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Brenham downtown buildings
Brenham downtown buildings


Boerne is another charming Texas German town in the Hill Country.

It is the perfect day trip from Austin, Texas.

It is home to charming architecture, caverns, as well as outdoor attractions.

A must visit attraction is the Boerne City Lake Park.

Don’t miss the charming Main Street either!


The German Town of Schulenburg is an amazing place to visit.

Located midway between Houston and San Antonio, Schulenberg has a unique German heritage.

One of the main attractions of Schulenburg is the Texas polka music museum dedicated to honoring Texas polka bands.

The Stanzel Model Aircraft Museum is also worth a visit for aviation enthusiasts.

The St Mary’s Church is a grand church and most well known of painted churches in Texas.


Muenster, the charming German town in Texas, is a must visit for architecture and art lovers.

Located in north Texas, the town is a great day trip from Dallas.

You will find charming German architecture, historic buildings, and plenty of murals on Main Street.


Bulverde is a small town in Comal County about half an hour north of San Antonio.

It may not be as famous as Fredericksburg or Brenham, but Bulverde has equally rich German history.

German immigrants who founded the town originally named it Piepers Settlement, after the German pioneer Anton Pieper.


Bellville, located in Austin County, is also worth a visit.

A majority of the population in Bellville is German.

The town was established by Swiss-German immigrants and has

It can be visited on a day trip from Houston, Austin, or San Antonio.


Weimar, located close to Schulenberg, is another German town well worth a visit.

It’s home to museums, cathedrals, lavender farms, and wineries.

The Hatari Wildlife Park, a drive through safari, is located here.

We definitely recommend visiting these small towns to enjoy the Texas German heritage, German restaurants, craft beers, polka music, painted churches, dance halls, and more.

Did we miss any German town in Texas? Let us know in the comments.